The person I used to be is no longer

Once as I was passing a security check, the police couldn’t confirm my identity since the face recognition failed, which was quite troublesome. This experience lead me to ponder about the philosophical issue about personal identity that debates on the question: “what makes a person stay the same person as time passes by”. Since the appearance of our bodies are constantly changing, it is sometimes far-fetched to confirm one's identity via facial photographs.
I have collected different kinds of documents of photographs of myself from different periods of time, including my student card, diploma, temporary residence permit, and driving license, etc.. These documents are the correspondence between me and the based on facial features authentication method. But when I put all the photos together, it is obvious that my facial appearance differs constantly, sometimes it would even seem like the photographs are taken of different people. Was I the same person back then as I am now? It is ineffective to use the faces of old photographs to represent my current identity. After all, I can never go back to what I used to look like. In a certain sense, these faces from the past have died already. Imitating the form of the post-mortem photography of the Victorian age, I decided to apply digital media in order to close the eyes in the photos of my documents, to give the impression of being dead or sleeping.
Roland Barthes has pointed out that photography has a special relationship with death. When being photographed, one becomes a photo. The living person has become a dead person who cannot be traced back in the resulting photograph. It is absurd that the ID photos at the time sometimes cannot prove the identity today due to the time span.