Piss on the Ground and Look at My Face in the Puddle

“Piss on the ground and look at my face in the puddle” is a famous Chinese saying. The original meaning of this saying is to make fun of people's ugliness and lack of self-awareness, and it also means to let people know themselves. Looking at oneself, there's a certain level of narcissism. The English word “Narcissism”comes from the ancient myth of narcissus, who saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with himself. This story seems to have something in common with “Piss on the ground and look at my face in the puddle”. I took a piss, then looked at myself in the puddle, and pressed the shutter release to take a selfie, which is both narcissistic and self-deprecating.


“撒泡尿照照自己”是中国的一句著名俗语,本义是讥笑人自身丑劣却没有自知之明,也有让自己认识自己之义。照照自己,有某种程度上的自恋。英语中自恋(Narcissism)这个词来自于古希腊神话: 那喀索斯在水中看到了自己的倒影,便爱上了自己。这个故事看起来跟“撒泡尿照照自己”有共通之处。我撒了一泡尿,然后看着尿中的自己,按下快门线自拍,既是一种自恋,又是一种自嘲。