Piss on the Ground and Look at My Face in the Puddle

"Piss on the Ground and Look at My Face in the Puddle" is a Chinese common saying often used to mock people who fail to notice their own flaws. This expression not only carries a critical tone but also implies the importance of self-awareness. It essentially has a metaphor encouraging people to self-reflect. It's worth noting that the English term "narcissism" comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus, who was infatuated with his own reflection in the water. This myth shares some similarities with the Chinese common saying. Although both are influenced to some extent by cultural context, they share an emphasis on the importance of self-awareness and scrutiny.
On the basis of these reflections, I attempted a mimetic act—after peeing, I gazed at my reflection in the urine and took a selfie. This act was both a flirtation with narcissism and a symbolic expression of self-reflection, with a slight hint of self-deprecation.